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Photograph of Karina Trujillo after graduation.

Reflections on a remote internship

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Hello! My name is Karina. During the Spring of 2022, I had the honor of interning for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM). I worked remotely on the History Unfolded project with Eric Schmalz, the community manager, who tailored the internship for my career goals. My main goals were to explore career paths within museums and strengthen my research and outreach skills. Thanks to the experience I had with this amazing institution and staff, I have furthered my goals.  

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Mornin Call November 11, 1938 page 1

Two Educators within the Gratz College Community use History Unfolded

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History Unfolded by Two Educators within the Gratz College Community

Maine high school social studies teacher Heidi Omlor received her PhD in Holocaust & Genocide Studies (HGS) from Gratz College, Melrose Park, PA. New Jersey colleague and adjunct professor Barbara Krasner is a PhD candidate in the HGS program at Gratz. Separately, they each leaned into History Unfolded to meet professional and personal goals. Read More

Deerfield High School

A Look Behind the Scenes of History Unfolded

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Hello! My name is Megan and I have been the intern here at History Unfolded for the past year! Over the course of my internship I have reviewed hundreds of phenomenal submissions from citizen historians just like you.  I have also encountered some amazing ways the History Unfolded community has been utilizing this project. I wanted to take the time today to highlight a few of these projects! Read More

1 June 2016, Teacher Jennifer Goss and her students use and give testimonials about the History Unfolded Program in Staunton, Virginia.

High Priority Research Explained

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One of the goals for History Unfolded is to develop a representative sample of newspaper reporting in each of the fifty states in order to facilitate scholarly research and comparative data analysis. Toward that end, the Museum has identified the two newspapers, or in some cases three, with the highest circulation in each state in 1940. We have set a goal to publish findings from these two newspapers for each event module in each state.
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Dave's mother Helen with her granddaughter (Alexandra) and her great-granddaughter (Samantha)

One Project Volunteer’s Story

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Thousands of project volunteers around the country have contributed to History Unfolded since November 2015. Their motivations for getting involved vary. Some are students working on an assignment. Some already volunteer at local history institutions. Some proudly identify as research or history nerds. Others have a deep personal connection to the history itself. David Laks’s story is one of many we have learned about over the years. Read More