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A Rookie’s Guide to Archival Research

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One of my favorite aspects of serving as the History Unfolded community manager is all of the unexpected and wonderful connections that result from our networking efforts. This past spring, we reached out to Professor Elizabeth Heineman at the University of Iowa to let her know about History Unfolded. During our phone chat, Dr. Heineman told us about a project of her own, and we realized that we could help her as much as she could help us. Read More

An Olympic torch-bearer runs through Berlin in summer 1936.

Join Our Olympics Research Sprint

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Going for Gold

This research challenge is simple, yet ambitious: we’re looking for 250 approved articles by August 31. Prior to the sprint, citizen historians had contributed 113 articles about the Olympics to the database; as of August 18, we have already increased the number to 156. We need your help to get across the finish line with at least 94 additional relevant articles. Read More