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Where to Find Newspaper Archives


While many History Unfolded participants hunt for articles in newspapers far from where they live, others report they find the project most rewarding when it offers a glimpse into their own community's past.

Most historical newspaper collections are housed in libraries. So, begin your research by contacting the local public library, or if you live in a university town, the university library. Ask the library staff if their collections include local newspapers from the 1930s and 1940s. (Get Help)


Check our directory of newspaper collections

Questions to ask your local librarian...

Are the newspapers available in digitized format, on microfilm, or in hard copy?

Is the collection accessible online from home or only at the library?

Do you need a library card, PIN, or other ID to access the collection?

If you must visit the library to perform research, are there specific hours that the collection is available? Do you need to make reservations ahead of time? Are there other restrictions on access?

If your local library does not have collections of historic newspapers from the 1930s and 1940s, you may research historic newspapers from elsewhere in your state, region, or the United States.

Subscription Services

Some of the largest online collections of historical newspapers are currently available only to paid subscribers. Check with your school or local library to see if they subscribe to any of the following services, most of which include thousands of newspapers published in all 50 states from the year 1700 to the present.

About this Directory

This directory lists newspaper collections from around the country. It is not comprehensive, but is intended to serve as a jumping off point. Most collections in this directory are available for free, online to anyone; however, some collections are restricted to residents who have a library card or other login credentials. It also includes many microfilm and hard-copy collections housed at brick-and-mortar libraries and archives.

We will continue to build this directory over time. If you find a resource that should be included, please notify the community manager.