Teaching Resources

Find free, adaptable lesson plans and supporting materials in English and Spanish. Learn how educators have used in History Unfolded with their students, and get tips for your classroom.

Lesson Plans and Supporting Materials

These lesson resources encourage students to:

  • Engage in inquiry-based learning and historical thinking
  • Perform research with primary sources
  • Practice close reading and develop media literacy skills
  • Explore Holocaust history as an American and local story within the broader context of the New Deal era and World War II
  • Think critically about America’s responsibilities in the world today

The lesson plans below align with a variety of subject areas including Social Studies, US History, World History, English and Language Arts, and Journalism. They can be used to enrich middle school, high school, and college curricula.

Each lesson is also compatible with learning management systems or web browsers for students to complete individually or as a class.

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