A girl reads a newspaper at a restaurant in Tower, Minnesota, in August 1937. — Library of Congress

December 31, 1946

Other Noteworthy Findings

Here is where you may submit noteworthy articles about Holocaust-era events unrelated to existing History Unfolded event modules.

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The History Unfolded project seeks articles related to the event modules listed on the History Unfolded events page. However, sometimes citizen historians uncover articles that are not relevant to an existing event module but are still noteworthy, or they relate to an event topic but are outside of the dates to check range for the module. This "noteworthy findings" module is not a starting point for research, but a place for contributors to submit noteworthy articles they happen to find during the course of their research on the listed event topics.

You may submit such articles if they relate to the Holocaust. They must address the Nazi persecution of Jews and/or other victims during the period of 1933-1946. Articles are generally considered noteworthy if one or more is true:

  • The article clearly demonstrates knowledge of and/or responses to the Holocaust on a national, local, or individual level in the United States.
  • The article demonstrates knowledge of or responses by historically marginalized or understudied groups, including Black Americans, Latinx communities, and youth/students.
  • The article concerns an event or topic that falls outside of the scope of existing event modules but addresses similar themes, such as domestic Nazi, antisemitic, or fascist movements; responses to refugees; eugenics and sterilization of people with disabilities. 

Dates to Check

Typically, daily newspapers reported news the morning after it occurred. However, some papers were printed in multiple editions, including evening news. If you are using an evening paper, begin your search on the same day as the event being researched.

This project seeks articles related to the event modules listed on the History Unfolded events page. However, on occasion during the course of your research, you may come upon articles unrelated to any of the listed events, but that are particularly noteworthy and/or of potential interest to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. These articles must address the Nazi persecution of Jews and other victims during the period of 1933-1946.

January 1, 1933 - December 31, 1946 Noteworthy news and opinion pieces about the Holocaust that are unrelated to any of the existing events for research. 

Recently Submitted articles

  • Status of Jews in Europe Subject of Rabbi S.S. Wise
    Noted Zionist Leader Deplores Oppression of Jews in Soviet Union, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Austria and Germany
    , The Daily Home News/The Central New Jersey Home News New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Weekly News Analysis by Joseph W. LaBine
    Probe Into Moseley Activities Reveals Race Consciousness; Rome-Berlin Pact Discredited
    , The Centre Reporter Centre Hall, Pennsylvania
  • List Jews as Defilers
    , Bergen Evening Record/The Record/The Evening Record Hackensack, New Jersey

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